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Monday, May 18, 2009

Team ZIP Springs into Action!

With warmer weather spreading across the country Team ZIP is springing into action at running events from Oklahoma to South Dakota! Even before the weather warmed up, Kansas rancher and runner Barb Downey qualified for the 2010 Boston Marathon with a time of 3:57:56 in the Eisenhower Marathon in Abilene, KS, finishing 11th overall among women and first in her age group! Read Barb's full report below.

In late April a group of 40+ beef runners delivered the "power of protein" message in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Oklahoma Beef Council exec Heather Buckmaster (at left, second from right) participated in the half marathon and pulled together beef runners for the full marathon and marathon relay teams (below left, the Kingfisher Relay Team) for the event mormorializing those lost in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995.

This past weekend former National Beef Ambassador and BEEF Daily Blogger Amanda Nolz ran in her first-ever half marathon in Brookings, SD, with her sister Courtney. Amanda reported in this morning with this note and the following photos.

Hey Daren, I have attached a few photos of my sister Courtney and I for the Team ZIP webpage. The half went great. I finished in under two hours, which was my goal! I will definitely run another, if I have the opportunity. I wrote about it in BEEF Daily today, if you want to read the full report. Thanks again for all of the support and advice!

Have a great day!

Above: Amanda Nolz (#429) and her sister Courtney (#430) show of their Team ZIP "running powered by beef" jerseys prior to the Brookings Half Marathon on April 16.

Above: Amanda demonstrates that beef provides fuel for the finish in the Brookings Half Marathon, crossing the finish line in under two hours (a great time, especially for her first half marathon!).