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The Power of Protein is all about experiencing the body benefits of eating beef and building lean muscle as you train for running, cycling, triathlon or other athletic events -- or just in living a healthy, active lifestyle.

If you are a beef eater and an athlete (weekend warriors welcome!), join Team ZIP (Zinc/Iron/Protein) to "Live the Brand" and demonstrate the "Power of Protein in the Land of Lean Beef."

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Join Team ZIP!

For the first two years of our existence, Team ZIP has been a loosely affiliated group of "athletes" (first time 5K runners to Ironman triathletes) who are passionate about beef and love to show the world that beef is an important part of a healthy diet and provides fuel for an active lifestyle. But as interest has grown from a small band of colleagues at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association to more than 200 runners and cyclists across the country, we decided to flesh it out...add a little meat to the bones...beef it up...[insert other appropriate beef puns here].

The communications team at NCBA got our heads together and decided to harness the power of the latest and greatest internet tools to create the Team ZIP social networking site! We finally have an answer to the often asked question: How do I join Team ZIP?

The answer is two clicks away! First, click on Team ZIP. This will take you to the new Team ZIP site. Then click on "Sign Up." This will lead you to a page that will prompt you to enter your e-mail address and create a password. Once you have enetered this information, click "Sign Up" again and you're in!

On the new Team ZIP site you can create your own profile, upload photos from your favorite events, get information on upcoming Team ZIP events (like the New York Beef Industry Council Boilermaker 5K/15K in July!) and get to know other beef-loving athletes across the country.

Join today to view photos from previous Team ZIP events like the 2007 Chicago Half Marathon and 2008 Boilermaker 15K. Speaking of which, the Boilermaker is the PREMIER Team ZIP event of the year, attracting more than 100 Team ZIPers from across the country, as well as elite athletes from around the world. Click on the "Events" tab on the Team ZIP site for more information and to RSVP for this event!

If you have any trouble accessing the site, please e-mail me at See you there!


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Proteins are very important to build up our muscles!