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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Team ZIP Beefs Up the Boilermaker

More than 100 members of Team ZIP gathered in Utica, NY, on July 11-13 to participate in one of the country's premier running events -- the Boilermaker 15K Road Race. More than 11,000 runners competed in the Boilermaker, including New York Governor David Paterson. Team ZIP had participants in every event during the three-day weekend, including the 15K, 5K, 3-mile walk, mile race and youth run.

Team ZIP 15K runners pose for a group picture before the start of the race early Sunday morning. A light drizzle dampened the pre-race festivities but ended before the race began.

Several of the Team ZIP 5K runners, including NY beef producer Charlie Davis (holding the "Team ZIP is Powered by Beef" sign), gather near the starting line Sunday morning.

The Team ZIP walkers (and strollers!) enjoyed sunny skies for the 3-mile walk on Saturday afternoon during the Health and Fitness Expo.

Team ZIP co-captains Jean O'Toole, New York Beef Industry Council, and Daren Williams, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, talk to fellow runners about the importance of beef protein for athletes.

Janel Fisher, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, hands out healthy roast beef and veggie wraps to Boilermaker participants and their families at the Health and Fitness Expo.

Kids (of all ages) lines up to "build their own burger" (and then try to take a bite) at the New York Beef Industry Council booth at the two-day Health and Fitness Expo.

A member of Team ZIP runs the 15K carrying an American and United States Marine Corp flag to honor his brother in Iraq.

Bucky Gwartney, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, looks strong as he approaches the finish line of the 15K -- demonstrating that beef provides "fuel for the finish"!

Kim Molinaro, twin sister of 2007 National Beef Ambassador Christie Molinaro, flies through the 15K course. Sister Christie ran the 5K and plans to join Kim in the 15K next year!

Team ZIP co-captain Jean O'Toole (right), New York Beef Industry Council, poses with Chris Marcocci of Streetmarc Advertising and Marketing (center).

The New York Beef Industry Council's multi-talented registered dietitian Kara Behlke, served as the official nutritionist of the Boilermaker, ran in the 5K race, worked for two days in the Health and Fitness Expo booth AND helped clean up afterwards. It's a dirty job...

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