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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Team ZIP Runners Tie for Second in NY Run

Team ZIP co-captain Jean O'Toole of the New York Beef Industry Council (above, right) and Terry Fellows (above, left), who is running the Boilermaker 15K with Team ZIP, tied for second place in their age division in the 10-mile run at the 30th Annual Kirkland Art Center's Run & Walk in Clinton, New York. Jean and Terry crossed the finish line together with a time of 1:35:31. That's an impressive pace of 9:33/mile!

The time is especially impressive when you compare it to the field. For example, the second place finisher in the 10 mile, men's, age 18 - 29 ran a 1:43:53:90...the second place finisher in the 10 mile women's, age 30 - 39 ran a 1:37:06:90. In other words, Jean and Telly beat out younger competitors, both male and female!

On top of that, Jean reports that the conditions were less than ideal for a run...

The run was later in the day (4pm, not a good time to run) and it was quite warm with threats of thunderstorms. It was not only warm but there was wind, either a cross wind or in our face, and to top it all off...HILLS! There had to be three significant hills during the race (the picture above was taken at the top of one of the hills after 6.5 miles)! The last hill was the killer! With less than a mile to go, we turned onto Chestnut St. and literally stopped dead in our tracks...the last hill was MASSIVE! We collected our wits and ran on. We are proud to say we finished together, it wasn't about the race it was about finishing.
Jean promises conditions for the Boilermaker will be more favorable.

No doubt I can run the Boilermaker and run it faster, not as many hills and the crowd will get us through it!
37 days and counting...Go Team ZIP!

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